The San Antonio Spurs are celebrating this season opener

They were promised depth of classification. We didn’t see how they could string together the wins. They were considered favorites in the race to reinstate Victor Vembanyama. And they are still there. After six games, the Spurs show a record of four wins to two losses, fueled by a hyper entertaining offensive game.

Which team distributes the most spawn during the first ten days of the competition? Located in San Antonio. A few years ago, as in the mid-2010s, this sentence would not have surprised anyone. Duncan, Tony, Manu and Cie. The Spurs were famous at the time for the “Pretty Game”, that is, this amazing ability to share the ball within a perfectly lying collective. But in October 2022? No one could have imagined it. Today, the “stars” of San Antonio are called Keldon Johnson, Devin Vassell and Jakob Poeltl, half of the workforce can’t even go for a glass of red with Gregg Popovich, but they are still the Spurs at the top of NBA support. ratings: 191 spawn in six games, that’s 31.8 per game. No one in the major leagues is doing better, and no other franchise has yet reached 30 (Phoenix is ​​second at 29.8).

Last night against the Bulls, we were still treated to a performance that dished out just 37 assists out of 46 made baskets (a matching season high for the Spurs). The ratio turns heads and proves how San Antonio’s offense relies on ball movement, player movement and a high pace of play (third-fastest in the NBA at 104.3 possessions per game). Penetrates, retrieves the ball, spins, runs, plays and shoots with the first intention, in short, pleases. Fun basketball to watch with the youngsters (Johnson, Jeremy Sochan, Tre Jones…) and some older players revealing hidden talents (since when did Josh Richardson shoot 10 spawns in a game?!). Obviously, in the middle of it all there’s waste (16 turnovers on average, 27th in the NBA), but how could it be otherwise with a bunch of kids playing without a complex?

“You can only be happy for them [les joueurs des Spurs, ndlr.]. They play a lot, they love to play together, they learn the NBA game. Many players are also gaining confidence on an individual level and if they continue to play like that, they will win games. »

– Gregg Popovich

This wonderful offensive dynamic now allows the Spurs to post a super impressive record of four wins (and nothing against Indiana, Philadelphia, Minnesota and Chicago) to two losses. Knowing that San Antonio appears to be more in pole position in the race to nab French phenom Victor Vembanyama in the next NBA draft, there was no telling what was planned at the base. In addition, it’s been so unpredictable that the Texas franchise is looking for ways to slow down the pace, such as sidelining their own stud, Devin Vassell – a little too strong – for two games due to “knee soreness.” But Spurs fans dreaming of Wemby rest assured, the schedule ahead is clearly tough and should allow the Texans to put together a good losing streak.

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In his final season on the bench for the Spurs, Gregg Popovich proves once again that no matter how much talent he has at his disposal, he can do wonders. While some of the better-armed teams on paper have struggled to match up, the collective strength on San Antonio’s side is far greater than the sum of the individuals.

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