The Champions League said “yes” to Real Madrid again

Even with the final starting 36 minutes late, Real Madrid are still in time to make history. A matter of habit, know-how and a bit of luck; he is said to smile at those who provoke him. The red stand of Liverpool can sing the last song You will never walk alone After this narrow victory (1:0) in Saint-Denis on Saturday, May 28, Real move towards the fourteenth Champions League in regular time.

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“This is Real Madrid”, summarizes a Carlo Ancelotti in French in the text, as if there is nothing else to add. The head coach of “Real” says to himself “happy”. It’s lucky to train great teams that help them win the Champions League, but you still need to know how to take them to the top. He knows this better than anyone. It is the fourth for the Italians, after the ones won with AC Milan in 2003 and 2007, before the first success with the Merengues in 2014.

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Good luck. This word accompanies Real’s European journey this season. But its software doesn’t stand a chance. We are talking about hatred, the culture of victory, Luka Modric will rightly say “I have nothing to say” To those who think his team is walking in a field of four-leaf clovers. At 36, the Croatian midfielder is like his team: he has his weaknesses, but his strengths are enough to outweigh the others.

Jurgen Klopp sums it up in two clinical sentences. “We had more shots on target, but the most decisive statistic is in favor of Real. They scored, we didn’t. This is the simplest explanation.”The manager of the Reds got angry though “proud” the performance of his players despite the defeat.

Like Manchester City (3-4/3-1 ap), Chelsea (3-1/2-3 ap) and even Paris-Saint-Germain (0-1/3-1), his Liverpool dominated Madrid, print time did . Like them, he couldn’t unlock the secret of this team that could defend in its own penalty area and score on ersatz chances with the dedication of the fans in the 32nd.e French Cup final.

Although “Real” came very close to the abyss in the previous rounds, they could not get there at the last moment. Somehow, he felt predestined for this happy scenario. Believing you are holding a pencil. It looked like it was written, it’s true, we achieved very complicated things… I couldn’t even explain it,” French defender Ferland hosts Mendy on Canal+’s microphone.

Courtois was unbeatable

Big games belong to big players, which means a great goalkeeper. With a double counter, Thibaut Courtois takes up a lot of space in the cages. This Saturday evening he eats up a little more space and the balloons inevitably bounce off him. “When a goalkeeper is named man of the match, it’s very bad for the other team”Jurgen taunts Klopp with a more bitter smile than usual.

Half, near, far, head or leg, his players tried it all. His first save on Mohamed Salah’s shot set the tone (16e). Sadio Mane sees an attempt saved by the Belgian at the post (21e), Salah has two equalizers (again). The Egyptian will make the right gesture every time, every time he will hold his head after Courtois’s parade (64).e69e80e).

“I needed to win the final today for my career, all the effort I’ve put in, respect for my name, because I don’t think I’m respected enough, especially in England.The ex-Chelsea goalkeeper spoke to the microphone of BT Sport. I’ve seen so many reviews after such a great season. »

In 1981, in the final of the European Champion Clubs’ Cup at the Parc des Princes, “Liverpool” defeated “Real” by the smallest margin. (1-0). Since then, defender Alan Kennedy has been a hero on the Merseyside for his goal. Real’s Kennedy is called Vinicius. At 59e minute, Brazilian striker Federico Valverde is in the right place to turn in a (bad) right-footed cross from what was supposed to be a crushed shot. But this Real turns missed kicks into assists. If you haven’t figured it out yet…

Karim Benzema, who was more reserved than in the previous rounds, made a good shot and scored the first goal. But with the help of video, French referee Clément Turpin ruled his compatriot offside after a move that reminded him of football’s most delicate Law 11, especially when it came to commentary and knowing whether Reds midfielder Fabinho had set up the scorer. The Champions League is back on the line after a deliberate gesture.

Not enough to dampen the joy of Benzema, who must prepare to find a place on the mantelpiece to retain the Ballon d’Or on October 17. The Frenchman dazzled the retinas and celebrated spirits in a way that a player rarely does during a season in the Champions League. Aggressor thinks “Not being able to do better at the club” With 15 goals. “It’s not even controversial” he even believes in Carlo Ancelotti.

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