Real Madrid is aware

Real Madrid is aware

The Madrid team reacts late and adds another tight defeat against Virtus de Scariolo (92-95) at the WiZink Center.


Real Madrid suffered their third loss in the regular season of the 2022-2023 EuroLeague on Thursday against Italian side Virtus Bologna 92-95 at the WiZink Center.

Chus Mateo’s team is in a state of alarm. The positive feelings about the start of the season faded and they suffered their third defeat in the last four games, almost all of which were marked by the same scenario. Sergio Scariolo’s side arrived after dropping 28 points in Belgrade and conceding just 65 points per game, but they did not forgive Madrid’s concessions.

The ten-time European champions lacked consistency except late in the game as the visitors ran away after a 54-point second half. Even Gaby Deck’s 28 points and 34 efficiency couldn’t save a team whose four playmakers (Llull, Sergio Rodriguez, Hanga and Abalde) couldn’t score a single point and Lundberg (18), Teodosic (14) and a good passing team. Hackett (7).

Despite the final score, the start was uneventful from both sides. Real Madrid didn’t have success away from home and Tavares did some damage inside, committing two early fouls on Jaiteh and Mickey, although the scoreboard didn’t move much at the halfway mark of the first quarter (5-5). Chus Mateo also could not get rid of the problem of fouls concentrated in the line of playmakers (Llull, Hanga and Sergio Rodríguez).

However, things got better from there, especially on the home side. Dek and Musa make aggressive shots to the basket, and the first three-point shots of Cornelius and Hezonja give the first impetus to the Spanish champions (21-14).

The Croatian and the Frenchman appeared successfully and their three-pointers at the beginning of the second quarter strengthened the ten-time European champions (30-20), but, true to what they have offered this season, they could not continue and the visitors did. Bounce back thanks to the work of Bako and Teodosic.

Two consecutive changes from the Madrid team also “helped” Virtus to take a 0-6 lead and get back within reach. The match was evenly balanced and another performance by Hezonja (13 points at halftime) put Real Madrid ahead (45-41) going into the locker room.


Real Madrid did not perform well in the third quarter. Once again, they got them back, and Virtus took the lead moments later on a three-pointer by Hackett (49-50). Chus Mateo’s team could not stand firm in defense, but also got mixed up in attack and the game became difficult (53-59).

The Madrid coach was looking to stem the bleeding as his team continued to drop points to Italy, who had failed to collect more than 66 points in their previous four games in the tournament. Thanks to the 27 points they collected in this quarter, they beat them and ten minutes from the end, despite the efforts of Dec and Cornelius, they dominated the field and showed themselves better (64-68).

And the outlook has become even darker. Two ‘2+1’s from Lundberg and Bako, after the last dunk, were spectacular and local mistakes brought Virtus closer to victory (66-80). The slightly nervous Spanish champions had to tighten their hoops more than ever to have any chance of changing the outcome of the match.

Real Madrid, with great effort, managed to enter the home lane with options. He went three-for-three and his best moment on the back gave him just over two minutes to go (83-87). They had two possessions, a failed counter-attack and a three-pointer from Llull to close the gap, but failed to do so, giving Teodosic’s team enough air to resist their opponents’ final push.


– RESULT: REAL PARIS, 92 – VIRTUS BOLONIA, 95 (45-41 at halftime).

– Teams.

REAL PARIS: Llull (0), Dek (28), Musa (13), Yabusele (7) and Tavares (13) – list of owners: Sergio Rodriguez (0), Abalde (0), Hezonja (18), Poirier (4 ), Korneli (9), Hanga (0) and Ndiaye (0).

VIRTUS BOLOGNA: Hackett (7), Lundberg (18), Ojeleye (5), Mickey (6) and Jaiteh (12) – starting five – Teodosic (14), Bako (16), Pajola (2), Cordinier (12) and Weems (3).

– Participants: 24-18, 21-23, 19-27 and 28-27.

– REPEATERS: Bolthauser, Racys and Kowalski. Dek (Real Madrid) and Mickey (Virtus) received red cards for foul play.

–EDIT: WiZink Center.

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