Results from the first week of the season: good points

Today is Wednesday, October 26, 2022, which means the 2022-23 NBA season started exactly one week ago. The one who says the first week of the competition says the first small assessment and the one who says the first assessment highlights the pros and cons. We start with what we liked in the last seven days.

Damian Lillard’s return to the top

Four games, averaging 33.3 points, 5.5 rebounds, 5.3 assists, all on 50% shooting, including 40% from the floor and 92% from the free throw line. Damian Lillard is definitely back! Unstoppable on offense and even allowing himself to be marked in Dame Time mode after last Sunday’s hyper-clutch shooting against the Lakers, the Portland sniper looks to be in great shape today after a complicated 2021-22 season. pool table to fix abs surgery. Icing on the cake, Lillard won Western Player of the Week honors, a well-deserved title knowing the Blazers are still undefeated this season (4-0 record).

Great starts from Paolo Banchero and Benedict Mathuri

One of our favorite things about early season is discovering new arrivals in the context of the regular season. And after the purchase, some of the newbies have already offered some great stuff. First, recent Draft No. 1 Paolo Banchero, who despite the Magic’s losses, has shown tremendous offensive talent with four performances of at least 20 points to start his career. We haven’t seen that in three decades, and on top of that, Paolo Cory Joseph took the opportunity to end his career. It’s called a fanfare debut. But Banchero isn’t the only one making a strong impression, as Benedict Mathurin also had a big first week: averaging 22.3 points and 5.8 rebounds on 48% shooting, including 43% from 3-point range, he’s the fearless one here. Also own Keegan Murray (Kings), Pistons duo Jaden Ivey – Jalen Duren and Rockets Jabari Smith Jr. – Talk about Tari Eason or Shaedon Sharpe (Blazers).

Jazz and Spurs who refuse to tank

In full rebuild mode, the Jazz and Spurs were deep in the West in almost every preview. A week later, Utah and San Antonio unexpectedly posted a record of three wins for one loss. The collective plays, gives itself, sets the pace and plays without complexities. In other words, it’s fun to watch early in the season when we expect the Mormons and Texans to be in tank mode from the first game of the regular season. But it is clear that the author of the project, Victor Vembanyama, they are not very interested.

Santi Aldama steps up without Jaren Jackson Jr.

As of the 2020-21 season, Jaren Jackson Jr. this year he starts regular treatment at the hospital. Given that we’re talking about the power winger who finished in the top five for Defensive Player of the Year last year, we wondered how much his absence might be felt and who will settle into Memphis’ top five while we wait for him to return. After four games, we can say that Spanish sophomore Santi Aldama has taken over the role well enough to shadow the exceptional Ja Morant. After a Summer League finish in the top five of the competition, the 21-year-old interior is now doing the work of the big boys with 12.8 points (48.6% shooting, 33.3% 3-pointers), 7.5 rebounds and 1.3 points. against an average of almost 31 minutes. So, sure, knowing the Grizzlies rank last in defensive efficiency (sixth last year) the absence of JJJ remains problematic, but it’s hard to ask for more from Aldama.

Ja Morant because Ja Morant

Jalen Brunson, pure gentleman

This summer, Knicks star rookie Jalen Brunson must prove he can be the super tough point guard New York has been waiting for. And so far, he’s fulfilling his part of the contract quite well. Brunson, who hasn’t lost the slightest ball in his first two games and turned in almost 18 points (47% shooting, including 42% 3-pointers) and an average of 7 assists, is allowing the Knicks offense to work at all today. Two interesting little stats: New York ranks in the NBA’s Top 10 in offensive efficiency (115.5 points per 100 possessions) and is a clear second in assist/turnover ratio (2.13). Admittedly, the fury of war on the other side (especially in Detroit and Orlando) wasn’t always there, but we like the bases laid.

Pelicans ready to fly

Only four games have been played and the Zion Williamson-Brandon Ingram duo has already joined the hospital. But what we saw early in the regular season is enough to make Pelicans fans smile (3-1 record). Between Zion’s convincing comeback against the Nets, Brandon Ingram, who looks ready to take the next step next to him, and above all, New Orleans’ ability to find enough resources to win against Dallas despite the absence of two of its stars yesterday. as well as defensive phenom Herbert Jones, we have a feeling this could be a breakout year for the Pels. There is depth, there is consistency, there is adaptability and versatility. In short, you’ll have to trust them this year, especially if Trey Murphy III shoots like Kevin Durant.

Meet James Wiseman back in court

While the Warriors are still finding their speed, especially in their own half of the court, James Wiseman is having fun on NBA floors again, and it’s good to see after the many injuries the 2020 No. 2 draft pick has known. . In terms of production, Wiseman is posting similar stats to his rookie season (11 points, 5 rebounds, over 69% shooting success), but given his good preseason and first regular season appearances, coach Steve Kerr has more and more faith in him.

“He was really good. It’s easy to see how he could fit into this team and what his role could be. He really understands what we’re trying to do on both ends of the court. It still has a lot of work to do, but we are very pleased with its progress. »

– via Steve Kerr East Bay Times

Devin Booker in boss mode

There was a lot of turmoil on the Phoenix side during the offseason, so much so that many Hexperts found the Suns vulnerable on a regular basis. After a week of competition, the Cactus defeated Dallas, the Clippers, and Golden State, with their lone loss coming to an undefeated Portland team (and by just two points). It’s called answering the court with Devin Booker, who is truly in boss mode: averaging 32.5 points, 5.8 assists, 53% shooting, including 48% from the park and 88% free throws. Simply. many. Strong. What frustrates any opponent, right Klay Thompson?

Donovan Mitchell, already hot

When Donovan Mitchell landed with the Cavaliers, we immediately wanted to see how he and Darius Garland would fare in the backcourt. The problem hit the eye of the latter in the first game against Toronto, so we will have to wait a little longer. But in the meantime, Spida is a hit. Replacing the lead without Garland, Mitchell had three straight 30-point games to start the season — a first in Cavs history — and dished out 7 assists on the night. Suffice to say, the scorer-distributor double hat suits him well at the moment, and it’s Cleveland who’s smiling (two wins in three games).

First bloopers

Christian Wood in the Mavs offense

The Mavericks lost Jalen Brunson over the summer, but return inside Christian Wood. The former Rockets player immediately stepped into an offensive role off the bench, and the results so far have been quite impressive. Averaging 24.3 points and 8.7 rebounds in just 26.3 minutes per game, Christian’s productivity and efficiency (62% shooting, 61% from 3-point range!) is on fire. In a sixth-man suit and alongside Luka Doncic, Wood revels: catch-and-shoot, finish near the basket, one-on-one … he’s downright dirty, so much so that he helps the Mavericks’ offense be the most powerful. all NBA in the first week. Now we have to think about stringing wins (1-2 record for Dallas).

The Celtics started the season in earnest

With the Ime Udoka issue and subsequent coaching change, we may have had some doubts about the start of the Celtics season. It only took two games to eliminate them. Convinced against the Sixers on Opening Night and then against the Heat on the floor, Joe Mazzulla’s men have started their campaign on the right foot with three wins in four games, spurred by Jayson Tatum, who is already in MVP mode. And thanks to the arrival of guard Malcolm Brodgo, Boston is on offense (third in the NBA in offensive efficiency), imagine what it could be like when the Greens’ defense (24th at the time of writing) starts to really level up. …

New animations after 3 points

You may not have noticed this, but we really like the new dashboard animations NBC Sports Immediately after the 3 points. Splaaaash!

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