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Mercedes-Benz is one of the few manufacturers present in the compact MPV segment. With the new B-class, it wants to continue to attract companies and mainly relies on road comfort and standard technology.


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Prices for the new Mercedes B-Class range from 32,500 euros to 50,000 euros.

Justine Peru

Too many SUVs are killing the SUV! If this body is going to outdo the sedan in the French market with its hyper-dynamic development, a little calmness wouldn’t hurt, right? And why not with so many minivans! So, yes, some may laugh at them, consider them outdated or forget that they still exist, but Mercedes-Benz believes in them and once again tries to bet on the compact minivan with the new generation of the B-Class.

His success story (Since its launch in 2005, 1.5 million units have been sold worldwide) has confirmed the German manufacturer to consider the B model range for 2019, especially as its direct competitor, the redesigned 2018 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, is keener on the business sales channel. according to, BtoB business accounts for more than 25% of total sales of Class B (see expert word below) and about 30% for the BMW model. So, rather than being limited to family qualities (a 488-liter trunk, sliding seat and folding front and rear backrests are available in the summer of 2019), the new generation B-Class offers comfort, but above all, heavy technological artillery that makes sense for companies.

Currently, there are three diesel engines and four gasoline engines (four finishes).
mercedes class b red rear
The B 200d and 220d classes already meet the Euro 6d standard that came into force in 2020.

Our test model is the Mercedes B-Class 220d AMG Line.


Thus, the B-class is completely updated and admits that it belongs to sedans. Let’s talk stylistically first! Reinflated with A-class sauce, the compact minivan adopts more rounded and dynamic lines than its predecessor. Modernity clearly demonstrated by the elegant shark nose, glossy body surfaces and narrowed optics (3D effect taillights). But this is not the most important compared to what is expected on board: Class A to Class B restores some great digital devices. The change in interior design is radical, full of mind-blowing technologies: getting behind the wheel, our eyes only see them! Its interior starts with a sleek dashboard that highlights its dual 20.5-inch LCD display. Human-machine synergy is therefore achieved through equipment, particularly through MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience as standard), whose voice command is simply activated by a soft voice. Hello mercedes » (no extra charge), its new generation GPS with augmented reality (navigation with 3D road direction overlay, low-speed assistance by a fairly relevant front camera, optional €300) or its intelligent predictive learning system based on driving habits. Everything is bespoke, but still perfect. Note that the color head-up display associated with these programs is optional for €1,200…

A widget? More than enough? No, but some requests are still at your fingertips!

mercedes class b internal test
mercedes class b internal test

Mercedes has by no means neglected driving aids such as wind, drowsiness detector or speed limiter during emergency braking or stabilization assistant. Note, however, that the lane-crossing assist isn’t too brutal in its lane-keeping… In short, more generous than the previous Mercedes-Benz, right? But through the B-class, the star manufacturer also prepares the driver for semi-autonomous driving for an additional €1,850. For example, the assistance kit thus allows you to reduce speed when entering a residential area, approaching a bend or avoiding an obstacle.

With all this digital panoply, we almost forget to drive. A car is not just a phone on wheels, get behind the wheel! Mercedes-Benz is parking the new B-Class here automatic gearbox, which makes driving easy and smooth. There are always rowers behind the wheel to add a little extra to the recovery process. Therefore, the van surprises with good engine response (corresponding to our test model, 190 hp Mercedes Class B220 d) and damping. Behind the wheel, more comfort, flexibility and sound insulation attract attention. We enjoy swallowing the road in this Mercedes Class B 220d. To reduce the bill a little (this version requires a minimum of 45,550 euros), there is a less powerful diesel: the 150 hp B 200d (from 36,850 euros), which also escapes the penalty and is due to the Business finish.

>> For more information, also to read the Mercedes B-Class test (2019): we’ll be back later…


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Expert voice: Pierre-Edouard Appeyroux, Corporate Sales Manager, Mercedes-Benz Cars France

Pierre-Edouard Appeyroux, Corporate Sales Manager, Mercedes-Benz Cars France, Mercedes-Benz Cars France
Pierre-Edouard Appeyroux, Corporate Sales Manager, Mercedes-Benz Cars France

“Corporate sales account for more than 44% of total sales at Mercedes-Benz, and this figure is steadily increasing. We are putting a lot of effort into this channel and a rich product plan that will increase volumes in 2019 will help us. The new B class is also active: companies have represented 25% of sales over the past two years. The goal is clear: to attract more corporate customers thanks to an ultra-versatile and highly efficient car.

Carefully selected standard equipment and specially priced Business Line finishes are concrete proof of our ambition with these demanding customers. Offering engines with CO2 emissions from 102 g/km, the new B-Class combines the dynamism expected for long journeys, the comfort and modularity needed for professional and intensive use of the vehicle, the latest safety technologies and, of course, the integration of artificial intelligence. with MBUX. In short, it is a vehicle with multiple qualities and faces, thus able to meet the specific and multiple needs of corporate customers. »

Balance sheet

The success of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer proves that premium compact MPVs are appealing to fleets. Comfortable in all conditions, the new B-Class understands this well and therefore adds to its family virtues an unprecedented technological content that will attract road travelers. If Class B is less accessible at entry price than its direct competitor, its higher residual value compensates. Finally, the van is not dead, long live the van!


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