All about the new NBA League Pass: price, subscription, options

You know the classics. When the new NBA season arrives, that means we’ll be playing as many games as possible, live or replayed. Those who say live or replay questions, your little homemade annual guide. So here’s the ultimate guide to NBA League Pass for the 2022-23 season: prices, subscriptions, options, Q&A… and how to use it now for free for 7 days!


We told you about it during 30 in 30 Previews, specifically with the Hoop Cities series.

Let’s not beat around the bush: NBA League Pass is your favorite media favorite. You need to know how to land in good conditions to take advantage of having an analysis full of experience and especially to watch the NBA on a daily basis with a full schedule for the blowout. This is where LP comes in and has done for years. You’ve known us for a while, it’s not the first time we’ve made this tutorial for you, and it certainly won’t be the last. But what we all don’t know is that there are those who hesitate and want as many answers to their questions as possible. Well, a classic Q&A parade to kick off the 2022-23 NBA season with the golden slippers.



NBA League Pass is the go-to platform for our NBA dingoes. Basically, it is the official subscription service of the NBA. A massive platform that gives its users access to all matches throughout the season, whether live or on-demand. Non-stop from October to June.

In a generation where needs are met in the blink of an eye, NBA League Pass is a bit of a dream on a phone or computer. You launch your application and a few seconds later you are in front of the game you want.

Whether on a computer, smartphone or tablet, you can watch the NBA without asking yourself any questions in the toilet, at work, under the covers or on the plane. For those who want a complete and accurate list of distribution media, you can usually rely on your web browser, iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, Roku, PlayStation 4 and 5, Chromecast. , Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, CarPlay and Apple Watch. He must be missing, but as the other said, there’s a lot, isn’t there?



As with many subscription services in 2022, NBA League Pass has options. And not just two.

Here are the details we can give you with a summary in our sauce:

  • League Pass (€119.99 per season or €17.99 per month): big price drop, that’s the NBA’s signature innovation this fall. Classic, solid content, in short, we’re going back to the old values ​​we’ve been using for ages. All matches are live and in HD, archives are also in HD, matches can be downloaded to watch offline and we find ourselves there every night.
  • League Pass Premium (€149.99 per season or €23.99 per month): you accept the basic offer above and now immediately add a second device to it. Hence, the ability to watch different content on the same account to have fun with your friends. It is somewhat like the ultimate package, the gold card, because in addition to this very practical technical option, you can find archive content in HD quality. For those less fortunate who want to share a two-person account, this is the maximum plan. Split the account and get unlimited NBA League Pass on each device. At the top of the evenings as we like.

  • Team Pass (€109.99 per season or €16.99 per month): this option is for fans of a single franchise, so it is only for those who want to follow the exploits of their favorite team. For example, if you’re a Thunder fan and didn’t like this year’s preview, and all you care about is seeing Chet Holmgren sit on the bench in HD, you won’t have the same exposure as Oklahoma with this package. City games. So, basically, this is the basic proposition explained above, but dedicated to a single team.
  • Game Pass (€5.99 per game): this is for people who only want to take advantage of NBA League Pass for 1 game, but no more. An evening with friends, a The main event, you want to eat live, let’s go to a short and tight NBA League Pass slot. We liked the choice Day passit allowed some to enjoy a brothel for 24 hours, but it seems no more.



No, the subscription is not limited to regular season games. There are Playoffs included and other goodies around.

We have access to the All-Star Game and other All-Star Weekend events, Summer League, preseason, player introductions, trophy presentations, and more.

And with the new App launched by the NBA, you’ll find exclusive content there: Hoop Cities, the Golden Bloods series and exclusive access to practices.



Let’s just say everyone consumes the NBA differently, so everyone has their own answer, but here at TrashTalk, here’s a look at our little habits.

For evening and night regularswhen we find ourselves among the enthusiasts around 1 am, the main functions LP they are still pretty good.

We’ve gotten used to it over time, but for those who still don’t have the tool in mind, here’s what to remember:

  • Pause, then replay each game live
  • Go back 10 seconds or activate the mode slow motion to view all match details
  • Multiple screens: on the computer, the ability to display up to 4 streams at the same time
  • Filter events to see just one type of activity or focus on one player
  • Making money in another room? We move from one match to another with one click
  • The LP screen on the phone detaches and you can continue browsing your other apps

At 5 o’clock in the morning, dying in front of Indiana vs. San Antonio, and you see on the scoreboard that at the same time it is 102-101 between the Nets and Boston with 2 minutes left? Click on the date and instantly settle in Brooklyn to join the money time between KD and Jayson Tatum, it’s an orgasm. This is perhaps one of the biggest molds of everyday use, going from one game to the next in HD as if we had VIP seats in all the NBA halls.


For the regulars of the dayWhen you have a normal pace of life and want to enjoy replays in perfect conditions, the above player has the same features, but the additional archives are a real headache:

  • Condensed mode: review the previous day’s matches in 10 minutes with a summary of the best moves
  • No spoiler mode: to hide scores and not be disappointed when you wake up
  • All games since the 2012 season are available on demand
  • All NBA Finals games from the last 20 years are available on demand
  • NBA TV features live coverage, expert analysis and exclusive documentaries

To sum up, no matter how he lives in the NBA, he has a real ease of use that gives him a sense of passion and respect. For people like us on the team who want to experience 2000% things, it feels like we have the perfect tool to make it happen every year. And not all sports can offer that. So every year… well, it starts over.



So, we know a lot of you scroll here to indulge yourself, so we won’t judge you, it’s time to take a bite.

NBA League Pass will be free in France for 7 days for those who want a year-round trial.

To take advantage of this, you need to perform the following procedure:

  • Create an NBA League Pass account
  • Follow the steps one by one with your favorite team, ballot picks, patati and patata
  • Access subscription offers here and select an offer LEAGUE PASS by clicking on it BUY
  • Enter your bank details, but be careful because this is where it all goes
  • click on SEND
  • Cancel the subscription before the 7-day trial period ends and your account will not be charged

It is this step that you must not miss or you will be paying full price for NBA League Pass. And suddenly, the trial period you thought was free is…well, it’s not. This is a process you can use on other platforms when you are offered a trial offer of several days. Check the terms of use, but before the beep, simply unsubscribe, delete your bank details and bamin the box.

However, an important reminder: NBA League Pass pricing is most affordable early in the season, and you save a few cents by paying once instead of once a month for 12 months. You do what you want with this information, we just give good advice.




If you’re an NBA fan, it’s hard to ask for a better platform to use every day.

If you want to split the cost together, League Pass Premium lets everyone enjoy the full experience on their own screen.

Live conditions if you are at night, perfect conditions for playback if you are during the day.

If you want to try it without being cheated, you can use the 7-day trial, but don’t forget to unsubscribe with the beep.

We can talk to you about this for a while, especially because it’s a tool that allows us to learn more about our sport, the history of the game, and the little details that make the NBA so rich. A simple example, every time we meet with the editorial staff in the evening, we know that we just need to start our LP and tonight will be a success together. And it’s honestly a big hit when you want to stuff yourself so much with matches and have great moments with the community.

Now, is it a flawless tool? No, of course there is maintenance here and there and sometimes there are some bugs associated with updates. In particular, we’ve seen a lot of people express their opinions about the latest updates, whether it’s on the mobile app or the desktop version. But in HD, it’s so isolated from everyday life that, frankly, we forget about it. And it has become a tool of work and passion fully integrated into our habits. So if you really want to recharge yourself, trying it is a bit like accepting it.


I hope this little homemade tutorial is helpful for some of you! The NBA is starting a new season, and for many of us, the nights will still be short. From tonight? When it comes to rentals, we’re going to heat up NBA League Pass. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us, we’ll have our best coffee for the 11th season of insanity at TrashTalk. Let the party begin!

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