5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions (September 2021)

Chrome Although it is a very sophisticated browser, it is quite possible to change it quickly thanks to extensions. Some may even become indispensable.

Here are five extensions that caught our attention the most in recent weeks. Extensions have one thing in common: they’re all available through the Chrome Web Store, and they’re completely free… even if some offer premium plans.

Photo by Rajeshwar Bachu on Unsplash

This list does not claim to be completely comprehensive and you are of course free to supplement it with your own suggestions.

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Capture of Noisley
Noisli should be of interest to those in need of relaxation.

Noisli is a slightly different extension. It’s not intended to make Chrome more productive or make surfing easier for you.

In fact, its main purpose is to help you relax. Once installed in Chrome, you will see its icon appear in the browser toolbar. After clicking on it, the tool will ask you to register. This step is mandatory, but remains free.

Then, when you click on the extension’s icon, you can choose between several atmospheres: productivity, casual, or relaxation. The instrument will then play a soothing or concentration-enhancing sound.

Even better, you can also start a timer and make sure you take a break when you need to. Note that the paid versions go further and offer more background music as well as more features.

You can download Noisli from here.

Fire fire

Capture of Fireshot
Fireshot is a very complete extension for screenshots

Fireshot is clearly needed. This extension really improves screenshots a lot.

The tool is really great and it will allow you to capture, for example, a specific area of ​​the page or the whole page. But above all, it supports many export formats and will allow you to create an image or even a PDF file.

The icing on the cake is that you can also email the photo directly to the reporter or copy it to the clipboard.

Fireshot is available on the Chrome Web Store at

Unsplash for Chrome

Screenshot from Unsplash
Unsplash is available in Chrome

Not everyone will necessarily use it, but it should still be a great service for some of you.

Unsplash for Chrome has only one purpose, which is that it allows you to access the image bank of the same name directly from your browser, and therefore without going to its service.

After the extension is installed, an icon will appear on the toolbar, and clicking on it will open a miniature version of the site. You can then search for and click on the image to display and download it in a new tab.

Unsplash for Chrome is available here.


A screenshot of LanguageTool
This extension will allow you to check the spelling and grammar of the text

LanguageTool should be of interest to those who don’t necessarily have the budget to subscribe to Antidote.

This extension offers to check the spelling and grammar of your text absolutely without paying a penny. If subscriptions are available, the free version will be sufficient for most uses.

The operation of the tool is quite simple for its part, as it is enough to select the text to be checked with the mouse, right-click and search for the appropriate option.

And it works pretty well, despite one rather annoying flaw: the checked text isn’t airy, and the extension can’t detect line breaks. Note that the premium version allows you to have advanced proofing tools, but also to test longer texts and take advantage of more modules for Office.

LanguageTool can be downloaded here.

Change tab

Capturing TabResize
TabResize, an extension that will simplify your tab management

And we end many tabs with an extension that will be of particular interest to those who tend to juggle.

Resizing the icons will actually allow them to remove the icons from the window and resize them on whatever screen they want. With a few clicks, they will be able to display, for example, four icons on the same screen without resizing or moving them.

The tool works quite well and offers several different configurations to please everyone.

Tab Size is available in the Chrome Web Store.

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